2018 Trends

As we begin to look at market trends for kitchen designs, cabinet colors, and granite and quartz countertop colors and styles for 2018, here are some worthy observations. Enjoy…

Cabinet Colors:

Seems like white and gray cabinets will still be a big trend this year. White is a timeless color; it will always bring a sense of freshness and open space. If you have a small kitchen, choosing a color like white will definitely make it look more spacious. On the other hand, many homeowners are choosing gray cabinetry; it adds a modern touch and still remains a neutral that can be paired with natural décor.

2018 trends

Some still like their dark color cabinets since it gives a richer, elegant look, but be careful not to let it overpower your space and make it look dark and enclosed.

Trends will come and go, but as for now we see the white kitchen choice has been and will continue to be a timeless trend.


Granite will always be known as the popular choice for countertops, but the latest trend everyone is going for is quartz. This gorgeous stone is very hygienic due to its non-porous surface similar to granite. Also, it is very durable for high traffic areas; it is stronger against cracks and scratches. Another plus is that it is very resistant against stains with minimal upkeep efforts. Of course, you will find that quartz does have a higher cost, but it is something to consider when upgrading your home.

Modern & Minimalistic:

This year, the trend continues to be minimalism as the top of the line design choice: light, neutral colors, and clean straight lines. One way to really add the modern touch is with floating cabinetry or cabinets sustained on simple metal legs. This will give the ultimate touch to your modern kitchen or bath.

modern kitchen   minimalistic kitchen

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