Is Your Bathroom In Need Of A Makeover?

Bathroom MakeoverUpdate your bathroom with the latest trends. Even if you have a small space, the designers at Rock Cabinets can transform your bathroom maximizing your space. One way to transform a bathroom is by removing the bathtub and turning it into a shower. Choosing the right tile for your shower walls is very important. The trend right now is to use light, airy, and neutral colors. Also a very modern thing right now is to use glass tiles for the shower walls and pebble stone shower floors.

Now the trend that we are in love with is the floating bathroom vanity. It hangs from the wall and does not touch the floor, leaving you with easy access to clean the floor underneath it. Not to mention how it will add the perfect modern touch to your bathroom.

Another thing you should consider is your shower doors. Sliding doors are a thing of the past. Not to mention how hard it is to keep the metal frames clean. If you are going to give your bathroom a makeover, you should definitely get frameless glass doors. They are the perfect minimalist touch.

How About Organization?

A small space like a bathroom is hard to keep well organized, but there are a few tips to make it happen. One idea is making the vanity with drawers instead of doors. This way you will be able to organize your care products and toiletries without having them all tossed inside the vanity or all over the counter and floor. Having everything organized not only looks good but also helps you save time when you’re in a rush to get ready and head out. Also adding a slim pantry cabinet in the bathroom with built-in drawers will help you keep things organized and out of sight.

Make your bathroom a relaxing space you can enjoy!