Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Something as simple as the right lighting can make a whole lot of difference in your kitchen. Cabinet lighting will make your kitchen stand out adding elegance and sophistication. It will bring out the beauty of your granite or quartz countertops. Not to mention how it will bring out the beauty in you mosaic or tile backsplash.

Not only is the cabinet lighting used aesthetically but can also be used conveniently at night when you need some light and don’t want to wake up your house with bright lights. Cabinet lights will be the perfect solution.

You will love how your kitchen’s aspect changes with the perfect lighting.

Here are a few ideas we love at Rock Cabinets:

  • Toe-kick Lighting (Gives floating cabinet illusion & brings out the flooring)



  • Under Cabinet Lighting (Accentuates Tile or Mosaic Backsplash and Granite /Quartz countertops)


  • Over Cabinet Lighting ( Gives higher ceiling illusion & highlights crown molding)


  • Under Bar Countertop Lighting (Modern touch & trendy mood)

The specialists at Rock Cabinets will help you design the kitchen of your dreams. We offer free onsite visits and estimates which include a 3D rendering of your project so you can visualize how it will look.

You will love our selection of cabinets, granite, quartz, crown moldings and cabinet accessories. All our hardware is soft closing and cabinets are 100% wood.

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