Is your kitchen ready for this holiday season?

When you think of the holidays, there is one word or location that we can all agree on: the Kitchen. It is a gathering place for all ages, a place for good smells and pleasant times, but if your kitchen is not prepared, it can be a cause for decreasing spirits. For instance, what if you do not have an updated kitchen and your old cabinetry is falling apart? Or what if you do not have a well designed kitchen for storing the cookie cutters and all the fun tools that are used around the holidays? It can make the cheerful times not as smooth as they deserve to be.

Our cabinetry at Rock Cabinets is made of real wood that will pass the test of time and comes in all shapes, colors and sizes to store your measuring cups, pans, pots, mixers and cutlery. At Rock Cabinets, we ask our customers the important questions that allow us to design the perfect kitchen for every family. In this day and age, the modern look is what most people are choosing. It is a very simple yet sleek style that brings modernity and timelessness together. Our real wood cabinets come in almost every color, but what is very popular here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the all-white kitchens. This color provides a clean look to any home; when you add some natural light, the kitchen cabinets and stone really come to life.

The other aspect of your kitchen is the countertops. Getting an area to decorate cookies or to do some mixing doesn’t have to be prime real estate if you have your kitchen designed properly by the professional interior designers here at Rock Cabinets. What separates us from the other designers is that we take our time to plan accordingly using your pre-existing space to maximize the square footage of your counter space. During the holidays, those who celebrate want to have the mood be as peaceful as possible. Getting into an argument due to not having personal space in the kitchen could lead to the holiday joy turning into a holiday jam.

Your countertop material is an important decision. You have to decide, “Do I want Granite or Quartz?” Once you have made that decision, your next step is to select the thickness: will it be 2cm, 3cm or 4cm, and what type of edge do you want? As if that is not time consuming enough, now you have to find your countertop slab or slabs, depending on the size of your kitchen, and the amount of choices can be overwhelming. Natural stone is just what the name says: “Natural.” Each granite slab was created by the Earth over millions of years, so each stone has its own unique beauty and characteristics that make it stand out to the homeowner. Natural stone, such as granite, stays cool to the touch at all times, allowing any item to be placed directly on top without creating any damage from extreme temperatures. You can be sure that new kitchen countertops can bring warmth to any family, during the holidays and year round.

Whether it is holiday time, a birthday, or any event, the kitchen is and will always be the focal point of any home. We are always celebrating and socializing for some reason; it is part of our human nature to meet and be joyous together. Getting your kitchen updated for the holiday season or remodeling any time during the year can also increase the value of your home, and let’s face it: many people enjoy looking to increase the value in their biggest asset in any way that they possibly can. Every kitchen has potential in its own way; let the professionals here at Rock Cabinets make your dream kitchen that you have always wanted become a reality.