It’s Spring! Out with the old in with the new…

blogpic1Spring time is a time of freshness, cleanliness and brightness. Spring cleaning your kitchen? How about remodeling your kitchen? Remodeling your home will increase its value and will give you and your family an uplifting feeling of freshness. Your home will feel like a special retreat.  The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your home. It’s where you and your family spend most of the time. Fresh colors and crisp whites are on trend and will make you feel great. We at Rock Cabinets offer a wide variety of colors and finishes for your kitchen cabinetry. Also keep in mind our kitchens are 100% wood, which offer durability for years to come.

Here in South Florida where it’s mostly sunny, an open airy kitchen with sunlight makes the perfect fit. If you want to remodel your kitchen, you might consider changing your kitchen layout to give it more windows for added natural light, or opening walls to make it more spacious. If you want to keep your existing layout you can too; we will use your pre-existing space to maximize your square footage to its best use.

How about your countertops? Granite or Quartz tops give your kitchen great value and is perfect for maintaining it clean. Smooth polished surface will always give your kitchen an elegant aspect. Don’t forget how it also offers great durability for such a high traffic area. Spill? No problem, just easily wipe and go. No worries about water causing the counter top to swell and get water damaged. Also if you place a hot pan on your counter you don’t have to worry about it fading or leaving a mark.

Would you like to see how your remodeled kitchen would look? Contact the specialists at Rock Cabinets and we will give you a Free 3D rendering and estimate of your dream project.