Stay on top of the trends!

The trendiest idea for kitchen countertops is the waterfall countertop

What better way to show off your precious granite or quartz countertops than with this gorgeous waterfall feature.

With the waterfall feature you will be able to use your stone to a maximum and you will be able to see all the beautiful
veins and grains your stone has.

While it is great for showing off your stone countertop it’s also great for adding that modern touch to your new kitchen.
It looks so clean and sleek, adding elegance to your design. Traditionally, decorative end panels have been used at the
sides of your kitchen island or peninsula; but why not stay on top of the trend?

Also another bonus point that will make you love your waterfall countertop is that you won’t have to worry about
scuffed and scratched end panels. It will be easy to wipe and clean specially for a high traffic area like the kitchen where
kids, family and friends unite.

The waterfall feature is definitely a contemporary and modern choice, especially if paired with white and gray cabinets.
White and gray cabinetry hues are the most in demand for modern contemporary kitchen designs. The angles and
straight lines will add the clean minimalist feel to your new kitchen space. Your kitchen island will definitely be the focal
point of your kitchen with the waterfall countertop. This modern trend will be the talk of your family and friends.

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